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Cindy Papale

Cindy Papale was born in New York City and raised on Long Island, New York. She came to Florida in 1972 where she attended the University of Miami and majored in Business Administration. In July, 2000, her life changed drastically when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her story is a moving account of how one woman has taken a traumatic life experience and from it found new meaning in her life. She has touched the hearts of many and is even saving lives by sharing the important message that breast cancer is not just affecting younger women, but that it is survivable. Cindy is reaching high school, and college students with this message. 

To date, she has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students, which ultimately led her to writing her book The Empty cup Runneth Over. Cindy has made front cover to the Neighbors Section in the Miami Herald where she spoke to over 2,000 students at Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Coral Gables, Florida, and to the cover of Miami Cancer Magazine distributed by the U of M Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center throughout Miami Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties.  Cindy was nominated and chosen for her story in the Strike out Cancer Hall of Fame, and has appeared on Channel 6 South Florida Today Show. Cindy also was interviewed by Ellen Jaffe on 101.5 LITE FM radio, and was one of many breast cancer models in the Day of Caring, a event sponsored by the University of Miami.

Currently, Cindy is writing a movie screenplay and book based on the script. She is also the cousin to former Philadelphia Eagle, Vince Papale, a cancer survivor and whose life story was turned into an inspirational movie by Disney titled “Invincible”.

Cindy is a co-author to an upcoming book with Sabrina Hernandez, RD., LD/N, CDE and will share with the reader information and experiences she has gone through. Initially, Cindy began writing as therapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. As time went on, and she spoke to younger women and some men who really did not know much about breast cancer, she came up with an idea to begin writing a book that would not only help educate all young women and men, but she has brought on board scientific physician’s to help her on her journey.

Cindy also has come up with the idea of making a documentary, which she is the Executive Producer, to help other women and men be able to see real people who have shared their experiences with having had breast cancers. Cindy is also writing a movie script currently in its infancy stage based off her book and documentary. In her script she shares her life story along with her long battle of having had breast cancer and how it has changed her emotionally and spiritually. Cindy shares many humorous moments in her script that many others can relate to, and she is determined to make a movie where all women and men can come together to better understand the psychological ramifications one goes through after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and that there is a happy ending. Several University of Miami physicians will bring their excellent medical experience to bear as they see fit, and all together, we hope to provide some fundamental information, open the door for frank discussions between young people, with their parents, teachers, and health care providers.

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