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The Recover Restore Reenergize© Women's White t-shirt


The Recover Restore Reenergize© Women’s White V-neck “Burnout” T-shirt is uniquely designed with the textured “burn-out” look that offers plenty of style and brings a soft feel to light exercise and lounging. The short sleeve t-shirt has a patterned effect and a semi-sheer look made especially for comfort and ease of movement, and the soft cotton-blend fabric feels great however and wherever you wear it.

The Recover Restore Reenergize© t-shirt is made to order. Please allow a minimum of 10 to 12 business days for delivery. Price is $35 shipping is included. Shipping is included.

Note: 10% of the sale from each t-shirt will be donated the Women’s Breast Health Initiative

About the logo:

What does this image represent?

We chose this image for our very first custom-made t-shirt because through our work, we’ve observed that the three equal factors that enable a woman to “thrive” and live a life full of vitality with grace, elegance and energy is her ability to Recover, Restore and Reenergize herself and her life on an ongoing basis. Hence, “R to the third power” or “R3”.

Wondering why there’s a woman rising out of the “R”?

The silhouette of the woman in the logo represents the sense of freedom, enlightenment, and empowerment that arise from embracing and living the R3 philosophy. It is her foundation.

Wondering why we chose these colors?

We chose brown for the “R” and the silhouette because it symbolizes the connection to “mother earth” – the giver and sustainer of life – and the stability and peace this brings to one’s spirit. We chose orange for the “3” because it symbolizes vitality and endurance. Orange stimulates opportunities, creativity, joy and happiness, and creates a healthy balance between the body and mind. There’s definitely the culmination of power in all of that!

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman recovering from breast cancer, a woman who is enduring the challenges of everyday life, or a woman living out your passion and purpose in the world - all of us need to be more mindful about how we live, work and play everyday. Most important, we must be sure to schedule the time to nurture and love ourselves each and everyday, putting our health and wellness first. That’s the way we can Recover, Restore and Reenergize ourselves each and everyday and be a better, bolder, brighter transmitter of light, love and energy to everyone!

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