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Resources Your Roadmap to Recover, Restore, Reenergize

Once you are done with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, typically there’s no roadmap to help you recover from the physical, emotional and mental impact of your breast cancer experience or help you yourself back to normal, whatever that may be. 

A roadmap can help you navigate your way through the recovery process, providing guidance about how to restore and reenergize yourself so that you can live a life full of vitality. However, too often it is a critical element that is missing from your overall care.

The (IOM) suggests that once a person has completed cancer therapy, she should be provided with a summary of the treatments received and a follow-up "care plan."
A survivorship care plan is a brief record of your cancer treatment and a convenient way to store information about your cancer, treatment and follow-up care.  Following IOM standards, it should summarize the potential after effects, your symptoms and treatment; recommendations for cancer screening (recurrence or new primary); psychosocial effects (including relationships and sexuality/fertility); financial issues (work, insurance and employment); recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, genetic counseling (if appropriate), effective prevention options; referrals for follow-up care; and a list of support resources.

Since most oncology practices do not devote the time to develop these for their patients, the organization has created a free and easy-to-use program that provides cancer survivors with information regarding the health risks they face as a result of cancer therapies. The program, called the , helps you develop a plan that you can review and discuss with your healthcare team.

The , like most survivorship care plans, focuses on the physical and medical aspects of what a survivor may face. However, believes that your complete recovery from breast cancer requires a more holistic approach that should be part of your survivor care plan.    

While the Breast Cancer Partner’s Roadmap to Recover, Restore, Reenergize is under construction we suggest that, in the interim, you utilize the resources to develop your personalized survivorship care plan.  To do so, go to .

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