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There are approximately 2.5 million in the United States and, fortunately, this number has grown over the past decade.  For many decades the talk has been, and still is, about research to find a cure.  However, today, because of successes in understanding more about , successes in discovering increasingly effective treatments and improved , there is more talk about , i.e. .

In fact, the  and (Lance Armstrong Foundation) have led a public health effort to address the issues that the growing number of cancer face by living with, through and beyond cancer. Through their collaboration, was developed:

Cover: National Action Plan

The represents the combined effort of almost 100 experts in cancer and public health. It identifies and prioritizes cancer needs and proposes strategies for addressing those needs within four core public health components:

  • Surveillance and applied research.
  • Communication, education and training.
  • Programs, policies and infrastructure.
  • Access to quality care and services.

The has more information regarding its activities with partner organizations to help cancer throughout their cancer experience.

From the time you are diagnosed with cancer you are deemed a because you are taking steps to overcome the disease. But, what does really mean? 
Here’s the ’s definition:

covers the physical, psychosocial and economic issues of cancer, from diagnosis until the end of life. It focuses on the health and life of a person with cancer beyond the diagnosis and treatment phases. includes issues related to the ability to get healthcare and follow-up treatment, late effects of treatment, second cancers and . Family members, friends and caregivers are also part of the experience.”

Another perspective on “what is ” is provided by an ABC News interview, conducted by , a , with the founder of , :

Your and will be dictated by the decisions and choices you make about how you live your life after treatment.  Taking charge of your recovery and devising a holistic action plan, i.e. a to manage your will help you live in a way that focuses on and enables you to live a strong, healthy and vibrant life.

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American College of Lifestyle Medicine Conference – “Treating the Cause”, Orlando, FL

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Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K Race, Washington, D.C.

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